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    | 瑞霞



    Haha, today is the May Day Labor Day! I must do an unforgettable thing.

    Early in the morning, Dad took us to see grandparents in the countryside. We talked with grandpa for a while. Suddenly, Grandpa said to me, "shall we do something together?" I thought in secret: "it's impossible to sweep the floor or to sweep the floor." Hey, Grandpa, what kind of medicine do you sell in your gourd? You also come to help me guess. Let me tell you -- grandpa asked me to peel peanuts for him.

    This peanut is not for eating, but for preparing for sowing. You can't belittle the peanut peeling job. It's easy to say: "it looks like it's easier to do." It's easy to peel peanuts, but if you peel more, you may hurt your thumbs. In the end, though I had stripped my thumb, I was very happy. Because I helped grandpa to work together. Grandpa told me that after a long time, the peanuts I would peel would germinate in the soil and harvest fresh peanuts in the autumn. Until then, I would like to invite you to share my fruits of labor.

    May day is really an unforgettable Festival this year.


    During the May Day holiday, the sun was shining. My mother and I went for an outing in Qingfeng park.

    On the road, the car drove slowly forward, like a "car baby" walking. When Qingfeng Park arrived, everyone got out of the car with an excited heartbeat and ran to the small beach.

    Along the road, beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere, with light pink plum blossoms blooming on the branches; The Yellow winter jasmine blooms incomparably brightly, as if welcoming the arrival of spring; Willows sprouted from the clear pond, and the soft branches swayed gently with the breeze; Colorful flowers dotted with green grass, how beautiful, how beautiful!

    We came to the beach and there were children everywhere. Some of them are playing at home, some are digging canals, some are drawing with sand, some are building castles, and we are so happy on the beach!

    Happy time is always short. In a twinkling of an eye, when the afternoon comes, we leave reluctantly. How I wish to set up an outing Festival so that all people can bathe in the spring breeze and feel the vibrant atmosphere of nature!


    Today, my mother and my brother went to the people's Park. The flowers and plants in the people's Park are very beautiful, including pink peach flowers, red peach flowers, white apricot and pear flowers, willows, pines and a big tree. There is a clear river next to the peach blossom. There are people boating in the river and ducklings swimming. The ducklings are black, white and yellow. Two ducklings swim together, three swim together, and one swims alone. They can swim happily.

    When we were playing, my brother saw a transformer. He liked it very much, so my mother bought one for him, and then we went on. I saw a painting place, and we stopped to see it. I watched it for a long time and chose a small model of two people. I liked it very much, and then we bought it. I sat down with my mother to draw colors for it, and my brother played with his transformer, When I painted the color of the hair behind the little girl, I was surprised to find that the small model was actually a money can. We soon painted it in all colors. It was very beautiful. I decided to give it to my father when I went home. My brother and I had a good time today. My mother smiled happily when she saw us having a good time.


    Today is labor day. My mother took me to the street. Along the way, it was sunny in spring outside. Everywhere was green and the flowers were particularly bright. I walked all the way. There are endless streams of people and vehicles on the street. Various shops display various preferential signs, and people rush to buy them.

    Our whole family came to Daxing supermarket together. The door of Daxing supermarket is filled with all kinds of cosmetics. There is a 20% discount sign in front. There are a lot of people shopping. As soon as I entered the door, many children took the elevator there, and I also took the elevator. I stood on a grid and the elevator automatically sent me up. I went down and up and played and played.

    When I was tired of playing, I sat down in the next chair. When I saw a child eating hamburgers, I asked my father to buy them for me. A hamburger is made of two pieces of bread with a piece of chicken, a little cucumber and cream. Take a sip and it tastes great.

    My mother told me the origin of May Day, which made me understand that may day is hard won: it is the result of the unity and struggle of the proletariat and working people all over the world. We should cherish today's happy life, not play, but study hard.

    What an unforgettable and happy day it is today.


    "May Day" is not so special, but the meaning of spring is very deep. Now people think that labor day is just a holiday enjoyment, but they don't realize that it is a power train to encourage people to move forward.

    The meaning of "Labor Day" is that those who can not enjoy the labor day can really take advantage of it; As far as students are concerned, they are excited every time they hear about the holiday. They are excited to think that they can go shopping with their friends. These don't seem to be our due "style" as students. Indeed, holidays are used to relax, but everything should have a degree, rather than endless absorption. Maybe for students, "Labor Day" is really ordinary and can't be ordinary anymore, but have you ever thought that we can do a lot of things on labor day, "you can help work when you go home", go to the suburbs to tidy up the saplings and do what you can do at school... These are all labor, Ordinary, but it reflects the real existence of labor day. Why not? Labor Day is the embodiment of labor. In this way, we should really understand its connotation, let it shine under the development of our teenagers, and let the perceptual world know that it still exists. Labor should move, shouldn't it?













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