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    | 郭家



    hello!boys and grils

    my name is forest , i 12 old , my is girl .my family have a three people .my is youngest than other two and i is oldest of the tow.my father and my monther very love me,i love them too.i at my family very happily. i love my family very much, and you?

    i have a big eyes and a big mouth . i have a short between hair.

    i have a lot of hobbies ,for example : ilike play football , basketball , badminton , table tennis , i like draw a paintings, watercolours and landscapes,i like is it .and you?.

    now, i in a six grade. i like chinese class very much, it very fun ,i love go chinese class. my best like p.e. it very happy. and you?

    my dream is to be a computer engineer when i grow up, because i very like playing computers. and you?

    i study very hard , i very like study .

    one day , is a summer holiday . i and my mother and my father together clambing mountian ,my father and my mother suddenly listenning:“oh!!! hlep me!! help me !!you say :”why?“ i say to you :”because my suddenly lie down .“


    Good afternoon, teachers! First please allow me to introduce myself briefly.

    My name is Xie Tianyuan. I am 17 years old. My birthday is Jan. 1st . It’s just New Year’s Day. I come from Class 13, Grade 2 of Junan No. 1 Senior High School.

    I am a cheerful teenager,so my hobbies is extensive. In my spare time I like playing table tennis and soccer.After school, I like to surf the Internet or listen to music. I also will put into the reading to enrich my knowledge, in order to understand the world. I like reading and I often borrow books from the school library. I enjoy reading books because the books can make me happy and sunny every day.

    Then I will say sth. about my family. There are three people in my family,my mother,father and me. My father is a strict but kind man. He always puts his own heart on his business. My mother is a teacher. She does pretty well. No matter what they do, or how busy they are, they always give me their deep love. I love them, too.

    As long as you work hard,there will be a harvest. This is my motto. I’ll follow this path and study hard.

    That’s all. Thank you.


    hello!everyone! i’m glad to be here . let me introduce myself now .

    my name is yu dajia. i’m eleven years old. i’m a student of grade 4 in baimiao primary school. i like my school very much .english is my favourite subject . i’m good at it. i like noodles and milk. every morning i have them for breakfast.

    i have a happy family. there are four members, my father, my mother, my twin sister and i.we love each other very much. that’s all. thank you!

    hello! everyone! my name is yu xiaojia. i’m glad to be here today . i’m a lively girl. i’m eleven. i come from baimiao primary school. now i’m a student of grade 4. i like reading and dancing very much. liu xingyu is my best friend. she is quiet and friendly. we often play together.

    i have a big family. there are four members, my father, my mother, my twin sister and i. we are happy. i love my family very much. that’s all. thank you!


    Good morning everyone! Today I am very happy to make a speech(演講) here. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is xiaoxiao. I am from No.1Primary School. I live with my parents and we love each other deeply. I like my family, my school, my motherland. How lucky I live in such a happy family, such a strong country, such a modern time.

    At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, Computer, and so on. I like all of them. I am a monitor, so I often help my teacher take care of my class. I think I am a good help. And I like Tuesday best because we have English, music, computer and P.E. on Tuesdays.

    When I am at home, I often help my mother do some housework and my mother says I am a good help, too. My mother is a teacher. She works hard. She is kind. Many people like her. She often teaches me the way of learning well. (If you want to learn English well, here is some of my advice. At first, you must read many articles and know many words. If you meet up with some new words, you can look them up in the dictionary. You should know their meanings, how to read them and spell them. If you keep working hard, you will be successful. Then, you ought to speak English as much as possible. 可省) In any case,remember an old saying; Nothing is impossible in the world if you put your heart into it.

    In my spare time, I have many hobbies. I like reading, playing the piano and dance. I am so good at dancing that I have got many awards.

    This is me, a lovely pupil in the school, a dear apple of my parents’ eyes, and a little bud of the country. Please remember me, xiaoxiao from No.1Primary School. That’s all, thank you.



    Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.

    You see I am a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.

    That`s me-- zhuyingjie from Badong shiyan primary school.I am

    eight. I am young but I know “we are the masters of nature.”

    We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know,there's no enough clean water for people.

    So many of them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

    My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kid keeper.










    5693 欧美最猛性XXXBBB

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