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    | 阿祖



    Tomorrow will be better

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to be making a speech here. Today my topic is “Tomorrow will be better. ”

    China born and China bred, I love China very much. I’m proud that I have got the beautiful yellow skin, black eyes and black hair. I’m also proud that I speak the most beautiful language in the world——Chinese. When I heard that China, our motherland, would have a chance to hold the 2008 Olympic Games, I felt very happy and excited, and I hoped I could do something useful to build China into a beautiful and energetic country.

    In the 21st century, the environment is becoming more and more important, so we have "Green Olympic" as a slogan. Of course a slogan is just a goal. The most important thing is that we should do some things to make it true. Such as sorting the trash, saving the energy and so on. We are still students now, so we can't do anything really big, but if everybody does something good for our environment, we could make our motherland more beautiful.

    In fact, the things we can do are easy. Like not littering used batteries everywhere, sorting the trash that we want to throw away, and also protecting the animals and plants around us.

    Luckily, I had a chance to take part in an activity, that is, we planted 5 trees everybody in our campus. My classmates and I worked very hard. This activity is not only about planting trees, but also contributing to our environment. Look at the trees, I believe, tomorrow there will be more trees and flowers standing in our campus and giving Chinese people a beautiful environment.

    We are all Chinese people, living on the earth. We have only one motherland——China, just like we have only one earth. If we don't beautify our environment, who will? Good environment depends on good human consciousness. We should say that protecting our surroundings is not easy, that's why I'm standing here to summon people do it.

    If we do this from the bottom of our hearts tomorrow, China will be more brilliant, it will have blue skies, white clouds and cleaner rivers. Who doesn't want China to become more and more beautiful? If we do our best, tomorrow will be better!

    Thank you for your listening! Thank you all!


    Good morning,ladies and gentlemen,

    today i am so happy to stand here to give you a speech.Or rather, a real story of mine.

    Though with time going by,i can still remember what you once told me.You should be a brave girl.Smiling,you looked into my eyes.Year in,year out,nearly most of my memories are fading little by little.But only this simple sentence remained,without being forgotten in my life.

    Again and again,i can not stop myself from thinking about it.So ordinary,but so impressive,so moving,just like the brightest sunshine,it helps me go through the darkest night.I am such a sensitive girl in your heart.You said,my sorroful facial expression made feel so distersssed.However,there is one thing i never tell you,that is ,i am becoming a big girl gradually with your words and smiles.I never tell you about it,for i believe oneday,you can see the great changes of mine for yourself.That is what i want to do in return.As i know,that will be the best gift for you.

    I suddenly think of a song named MY HEART WILL GO ON.There is a beautiful sentence going like this.You are safe in my heart.More than once,i was moved to tears by it.I know ,i am also safe in your heart.i have already forgotten when i told you i was going to leave for Australia this summer holiday.You just smiled as usual,gently speaking.Whatever you decide to do,i will be in favor of it,but, just onething,remember,when you fell lonely abroad,do not forget we are here ,praying for you.We are all around you,far across the distance and space between us.i closed my eyes,the flashback started.The memories we had together,once we played games on the palyground,we played jokes on each other,you always wrote a lot of sentences on my articles to encourage me.And the most unforgetable thing,you told me,you believed m i could be a big girl.Sooner or later.

    At that specific moment,i suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence totally.So on that day,i smiled as you used to,looking at you.The last words i said were,keep walking in sunshine.

    Yes,keep walking in sunshine.I said to you ,also to myself.I know i am not alone wiht your company,and we can keep walking in sunshine till the last minute of our days.

    I promise,i will be a big girl.

    I promise,i will be a brave girl.

    I promise,i will keep walking in sunshine.

    That is my speech,thank you!



    當我們獨處時, 可能會這樣問自己what am i like?(我是怎樣的一個人?) 當我們交友擇友時,也會問到what is he like? what is she like?(她/他是怎樣的一個人?)可見人們是多么看重對人品的權衡。我相信大家都希望自己的人品得到被認可,都樂于和有人品的人打交道。衡量人品的標準很多,今天我再給大家推薦一個:看看這人的英語學習表現力如何?

    有人會詫異了,人品能和英語學習扯上關系嗎?我的答案是:關系大著呢。 你是一個胸懷遠大目標的人嗎?在我們每天的生活幾乎只局限于家和學校時,地球村卻以驚人的速度形成發展著。胸懷世界,英語是必不可少的媒介。一個目標越高遠的人,他到達的地方一定更遠,欣賞到的風景一定更美,而英語學習無疑是我們登上列車后的加速器,使我們的行駛更高速,接近目標的可能性更大。

    你是一個有毅力的人嗎?英語的學習不需要多么技巧性的方法,但是需要有能打持久戰的恒心和毅力。如果一個單詞一種句型沒有成為你永久的記憶,那只能說明你重復的次數還不夠,有人統計說重復的次數應該是你能記住一項事物的150%倍。也有心理學家說: 對某一新內容一旦專注地練習七次后, 這種刺激就會進入長期記憶單元中。但是如果用錯誤的方法學習后, 將要用35次的反復才會將錯誤的記憶糾正過來,從開始就做對比做錯后糾正在速度上要快5倍。 首印象的重要性又提出了一個新的問題:你是一個專注的人嗎?法國生物學家喬治.居維葉說:“天才,首先是注意力?!?在我們的學習過程中,注意力是打開我們心靈的門戶,而且是唯一的門戶。門開得越大,我們學到的東西就越多。而一旦注意力渙散了或無法集中,心靈的門戶就關閉了,一切有用的知識信息都無法進入。課堂上的專注聽講,課后的專注練習,才能使我們對新的語言現象有正確的首印象,才能提高學習的效率。










    本次英語節除了保留傳統節目英語歌曲表演唱,豐富的英語趣味活動外,還新增了同學們喜愛的英語故事表演和故事錄音,更有英語書法展示活動,在周五的班會課還將推出經典英文原版電影 怪獸大學欣賞.Are you ready? To do the most, to show the best.(停頓一下)





    Good morning! Girls and boys。Today, the topic of my speech is “Happy English , happy childhood” !

    ——親愛的老師和同學們,大家早上好!今天我演講題目是:快樂英語,快樂童年! 為營造良好的學習英語的氛圍,豐富我校的校園文化生活,激發同學們學習英語的興趣,提高大家聽、說、讀、寫的能力,讓同學們在英語活動中體驗學英語、用英語的快樂。學校特舉辦“Happy English , Happy childhood”為主題的校園英語節活動。本次活動的時間是12月02日~12月08日。

    英語節期間,學校為同學們準備了豐富的校園英語快餐,包括: “快樂歌曲大家唱”、“英語書寫基本功大賽”、“英語圣誕賀卡制作比賽”、“英語字母想象畫比賽”、“ 英文小編輯手抄報比賽”等內容。希望同學們在“聽、說、讀、寫、畫、賞、唱、玩”等趣味活動中,展示自己的英語風采。學校將為同學們營造輕松愉快的活動氛圍,大家可以在學中玩、玩中學。同時學校鼓勵同學們大膽的說英語,并靈活運用自己的英語語言知識,主動進行英語交流,熱情的表達和創造。Learn English and use English 。在此,我倡議:讓我們大家在日常生活和學習中積極的使用日常英語,如Hello! Good morning! Nice to meet you! How are you? Fine, thank you. Here you are! Good bye ,and so on,我們的導護隊員要用英語進行問候,希望我們的老師和同學積極參與。


    Beautiful songs,Interesting games, Attractive films,Happy atmosphere,Best wishes. English Festival! Looking forward to your participation!


    “Happy English, happy childhood”! 最后,祝愿:同學們在英語的天空里放飛希望, 在愉悅的學習氛圍中健康快樂成長!













    25716 欧美最猛性XXXBBB

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