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Conditions of Competition & Local Rules

Golf Canada and its Decisions govern play, as supplemented by the Greater Toronto Area Golf Association Rules Committee. See applicable “Notice to Competitors” (Players) for additional Definitions, Local Rules and Conditions.

The following Conditions of Competition and Local Rules apply and details may be found in the 2016 Golf Canada Rules of Golf and their Appendices as referenced on page numbers below.

Unless otherwise specified, the penalty for a breach of a Local Rule or Condition is: 

         Stroke play – two (2) stroke penalty         
Match Play - Loss of Hole


. Specifications of the Ball: (Note to Rule 5-1)

A. List of conforming Golf Balls (Note to Rule 5-1) – Page 138.
B. One Ball Condition – Page 138.

NOTE: Condition B prohibits changing brands and types of golf balls during a stipulated round.

2. Time of Starting: See penalty note under Rule 6-3 (5 minute rule) – page 48. All competitors in a group must be present and ready to play at the time laid down by the committee. The order of play is not relevant

3. Pace of Play: Note 2 under Rule 6-7 applies – page 51. Such guidelines for stroke play are: To be “in position” the first three groups should play at the pace stated in the applicable notice to competitors and subsequent groups should keep up to the group ahead. All players in any group “out of position” are subject to individual timing and penalties.

Penalties for slow play are as follows:

1st offence – 1 stroke penalty
2nd offence – 2 stroke penalty
3rd offence – Disqualification

4. Suspension of Play Due to Dangerous Situation – page 140: The note under Rule 6-8b applies. When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they shall not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they shall discontinue play immediately and shall not thereafter resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, the player shall be disqualified.

NOTE: A suspension for a dangerous situation shall be signaled by one prolonged air horn (or siren) note. All other types of suspension shall be signaled by three consecutive, short air horn (or siren) notes, repeated. Resumption of play shall be signaled by two short air horn (or siren) notes, repeated.

All practice areas are deemed to be closed during a suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open for use. Players who disregard such closing shall be subject to disciplinary action.

5. Practice Putting Prohibited in Stroke Play: See Note 2 to Rule 7-2 and Appendix 1, 5B – page 141.

6. Transportation: Players shall walk at all times during a stipulated round, unless permitted to ride by the Rules Committee. See Appendix 1 – page 142.

7. How to Decide Ties: In the event of a tie for first place, there will be a hole-by-hole play-off immediately following the completition of the final round.

8. Close of Competition: The competition shall be deemed closed when all scores have been approved by the GTAGA Rules Committee.

9. Metal Spikes Prohibited:  Shoes with metal spikes or traditionally designed spikes are prohibited.  Penalty for breach of this condition is disqualification.


1. Water hazards and Lateral Water Hazards, Stakes and Lines - Rule 26:  When both stakes and lines are used, stakes identify hazards and lines define margins.  Water hazards are defined by yellow lines, lateral water hazards by red lines.

2. Abnormal Ground Conditions - Rule 25

i) Defined by areas completely encircled with white lines including areas marked as gallery crosswalks.  French drains (trenches filled with rocks, stones or the like) are deemed to be ground under repair even though unmarked

ii) For the lie of the ball or area of intended swing ONLY: seams of new sod when located through the green.

NOTE: all seams forming part of the condition are to be treated as the same seam for the purposes of redropping (Rule 20-2c)

3. Turf Plugs on Putting Greens: Turf plugs on putting greens are deemed to have the same status as hole plugs and thus may be repaired as prescribed in Rule 16-1c.

4. Embedded Ball Rule Extended to "through the green": See appendix 1- page 127.

5. Immovable Obstruction - Rule 24-2: White lined areas tying into artifically surfaced roads, paths or obstructions are declared to be part of the obstruction and not ground under repair.  When curbing is located immediately adjacent to cart paths, it is deemed to be part of the cart path.

6. Integral Part of the Course: Includes (a) wrapping, wires, cables and other objects when closely attrached to trees or other permanent objects, (b) artifcial walls and/or pilings when located within water hazards or within and/or used to define the margins of bunkers.

7. Out of Bounds: Defined by white stakes and/or perimeter fencing.  When the inside edge of a road or curb defines out of bounds, a ball that crosses such boundary is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the course.

8. Scoring Area: The scoring area may include but is not limited to trailer, tents or rooms. A player's scorecard has been returned to the committee when the player has exited the defined scoring area with both feet.

9. Distance-Measuring Devices - Page136: A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to guage or measure other conditions that might effect his/her play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional fuction is actually used.


1. When a player plays a second ball under Rule 3-3, the player must report to the Committee in all areas, including when they believe they have scored the same with both balls.  Page 40

2. Caddies must wear soft soled shoes.


Anne Edgar Dodds-Hebron
Lorry Moffat
Jack Niewland 
Worden Teasdale
Other on site Rules officials


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